Dogs and Cats are much more than pets. They are a part of our family. When they get their paws on these treats, they will crave them just like Mallie did.


Mallie was a dog beloved by all that gave the love right back. She was very playful with high energy until she started slowing down in her mid teens. She was having trouble getting up steps and was getting lethargic. We didn't like to see her this way and could tell she wasn't happy either. So my family came up with an idea. We started making and feeding her an all natural, high protein, no preservative dog treat and the rest is history. Mallie bounced back to her fun loving self! Going for walks again, following us around the house and reminding us to give her five o'clock treat. Most dog treats have some sort of chemicals in them. By giving her the high protein all natural treat, we believe this is why Mallie lived to be in her 20s. Mallie's legacy will live on as our family continues to produce her all-natural treat.
Ross (Mallie's human)
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