We LOVE Big Whitetail Bucks.

Deer Cookies are the All-natural treat that all wild animals crave. They help with nutrition, healthy coats, and they attract wildlife. Deer Cookies are The Hunter’s friend.

Also, try our Anti-Tick, Anti-Fly, Anti-Mosquito Deer Cookies that keep parasites off of deer!

For your next hunt, don’t forget to get your Deer Cookies, the Hunter’s friend.
Attract the Monster Bucks. Whitetail love THLR Deer Cookies.
At Timber Hills Lake Ranch, we feed our wild deer these products. The deer love them and they keep coming back for more!

We have many customers and hunters that use our deer cookies as an ATTRACTANT to bring in the BIG bucks.

If the deer in your area eat Deer Cookies one time, they will come back for more - Time and time again.

Why? Because our secret formula has the natural ingredients that animals crave. We work with universities to create the right products for wild animals that are all-natural and nutritious.

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You will be glad that you tried them.